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Vampire - what are vampires?

Almost every child knows about vampires, among others they are all a very colorful character, Count Dracula with sharp canine teeth, but where does the myth about all the vampires come from? Where are all the myths and legends from and why do they fascinate us today with many vampire movies?

One of the most important people around all the vampires is an Irish author, Bram Stoker. In 1897, he created Count Dracula, who is still a popular source for numerous films and books. But just how does on define a Vampire? Vampires (the familiar word "vampire" comes originally from the Serbian word "vampir" and means "wolf's clothing") are human corpses that feed exclusively on human, or even animal blood, and have supernatural powers. Depending on the culture and myth, vampires have, however, different properties and strengths associated with them. Often, demons or animals, such as dogs, bats or spiders are connected with vampires.

The belief in vampires and the many thoughts about them originate from the South-Eastern area of Europe (Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania ...).

From a scientific point of view, the residents of a village which was hurt by diseases, crop failure, or other adverse situations were looking for something to blame. This culprit was often portrayed as a vampire. In popular films, "sucking blood" is only a limited role. Much more attention was paid to the search for non decaying corpses. So it was not unusual for bodies to be dug out after a certain period of time. During such inspections of corpses, it was established that the decompising process was not yet fully completed and they were subjected to a so-called "purification process". Such bodies were marked with mouse holes or asymmetrical crosses on the grave. The cleaning itself was performed in such a way that the affected corpse was, in various ways, killed again and then incinerated. This situation is still quite often used in movies, to symbolize the end of a vampire. The myths about vampires are by no means limited to the Southeast European region. More myths of beings that are similar to our conception of the vampire, if not identical, are found in, for example ...

... The form Asanbosam (Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire and Togo)

... The form Aswang (Philippines)

... The form Baobhan - Sith (areas in and around Scotland)

... The ghouls (Greek mythical figures, one can trace back to antiquity) or the Wrukolakas

... The figure of Chiang - Shih (Chinese figure of the undead)

... The form of the Dhampir (Albanian idea of a semi-vampire, begotten of a vampire father and a human mother)

One of the characteristics of a vampire, which has resulted from the many myths over time and how we imagine it, is that a vampire spends its days in dark coffins and sleeps there. Only when it gets dark, the vampire shows his pale appearance, and goes on the hunt for blood. Due to their immense demand for blood, vampires also have the characteristic protruding canines. These are for inflicting deep bite wounds in their victims, then to drink the blood flowing from the wound, and second, to capture their prey. Another myth is about the supernatural forces and the immortality of the Vampire. Also, a certain attraction to already selected victim is mentioned. The vampire's ability to transform, whenever they want to, into wolves or bats, is just as controversial as the ability to recover quickly from injuries.

In order to protect yourself from a vampire, there are many possibilities. One of the most popular, and well-known, options is garlic. Even holy water is a practical and effective form of the Vampire Defense (eat lots of garlic soup). To kill a vampire, you have this ram a wooden stake through the heart. This describes the method of the so-called impalement. Even daylight; vampires can not survive the solar radiation.

Examples of vampires - Sagas

As with witches and ghosts, numerous flowery myths and stories are also told about vampires - fact is that the majority of the stories could not be revealed true nor false.

1) The (original) Vampire, Jure Grando: The mentioned farmer from a small Croatian village in Istria Kringa is said to have died in the 17th Century. Since 1672, the village and the residents were terrorized, over and over again, by the undead - the vampire Jure Grando. This is reported by documents from this period.

2) Dracula - the vampire, Nosferatu: The Romanian mythological form spread rapidly over large parts of the continent, and still fills many popular horror stories. In fact, the myth seems to simply the figure of Dracula and is based on a mistranslation; an empirical study would therefore be difficult to withstand.

3) first European Vampire: For example, in the first half of the 18th Century, many reports and stories were passed on, abound in the small Bosnian village Kisoslova. For no apparent reason, more people of various ages died there, after already having suffered illnesses. This was explained by the testimony at the death bed of the deceased, each of which reported, from the first, the disease of the deceased - his name was Peter Plogojevic - to have been strangled in the night. Upon opening the grave of the dead, they found a vampire - the corpse was almost undecayed, had fresh skin, hair and nails continued to grow, and in the mouth of the corpse they saw blood, which was subsequently held to be the blood of the deceased. Consequently, the corpse was impaled and burned afterwards.

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