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Craft Tips and Decoration

Craft Tips & Decoration

Simple, inexpensive, and easy homemade Halloween decorations for a perfectly prepared fest ...

Halloween is more popular than ever in this country. Young and old, people are enjoying a native tradition of North American, so use the opportunity to take a little time on your own, or with your children, to let your creativity run wild for a couple of hours a week ... We have some craft ideas for young and old, which can be implemented quickly and inexpensively and will provide joy, even for a long time after Halloween.

Horrible Halloween Spider

Materials needed:

- Styrofoam balls (size depending on preference; for the body of the spider)

- Paints (red, black, etc., for the color of the spider)

- Colorful thumb tack or, alternatively, moving eyes

- Colored pipe cleaners (= Chenille / Plush bending), depending on the color of the spider; required for the spider legs


1. Paint the Styrofoam balls (impale the ball to keep a better hold on it and avoid painting yourself) and let them dry dry.

2. Then, take the pipe cleaner and cut at regular intervals - match the length of the "legs" to the size of the ball (Each spider gets 6 legs, three left and three right)

3. Once the paint is dry, take the ball and place the spider legs on the left and right of the spider's body. Then, attach the moving eyes, or thumb tacks, between the legs, to the front of the ball. If you have used thumb tacks, you can paint them to make the pupils of the spider's eyes.

Preparation time / effort: about 15 minutes per spider (additional time needed for drying the paint). Very easy to make, therefore well suited to be a project for children.

Creepy napkin ghosts:

Materials needed:

- White napkins (optionally, gray or even black)

- Binding yarn (depending on the color of napkins in white, gray or black)

- Felt-tip pen and/or moving eyes


1. 2 napkins per spirit are needed. One is unfolded, the other is crumpled together. The crumpled napkin is placed in the middle of the folded napkin.

2. The unfolded napkin is wrapped around the crumpled napkin and the open side is tied with the thread.

3. Either attach the moving eyes to the ghost (recommended for black ghosts) or use markers to draw the face.

4. If desired, attach a nylon cord to the ghost and hang it anywhere in the room, from the ceiling - the ghost is flying!

Preparation time / effort: 5-10 minutes per spirit. Very easy to make, therefore well suited to be a project for children.

Sweet Pumpkin Witch:


- Plump pumpkins, yellow or orange (per Witch: 2 pcs; 1x 12cm high and 1x 8cm high)

- Either black/brown felt or crepe paper

- Colored felt pieces (green, brown, blue, etc.)

- Either a little straw, or beige/white bast (for the hair of the witch)

- Small Styrofoam balls or cotton (for the eyes)

- Witch Hat (can be crafted out of brown/black paper, which is formed into a cone and fixed with adhesive tape)


1. Using a skewer, mount the smaller pumpkin on top of the larger pumpkin.

2. For the eyes of the witch, attach the two small Styrofoam balls, or cotton balls. (do not forget to paint the pupils!). Then, with a permanent marker, skillfully draw the mouth on the little pumpkin.

3. Put the straw onto the head of the witch (fixed with adhesive tape) and attach the hat.

4. Then, cut a 40x4cm piece out the felt, make the ends fringy, and attach the small piece (as patches of the scarf). Optionally, crepe paper can also be used! Then wrap the scarf around the witch.

5. Optionally, make a small broom out of branches. Tie the branchlets (preferably ones fetched from the nearest forest or the garden) with a wire around a round wooden stick and then attach it to the witch.

Preparation time / effort: about 30 minutes per witch

Creative Halloween Table Mats:


- Orange and/or brown felt

- Black permanent marker

- Creepy plastic spiders, ghosts and other insects (available in stores for purchase). Possibly, even various decoration stones and cobwebs and candles etc.


1. Cut the felt to the desired size (the usual measure of place mats is about 40x30 cm).

2. Then, using the black marker, paint a spider's web from one corner, outwards, on each piece of felt. This can done very well with a ruler, which which the five or six lines can be drawn (= the gossamer) outwards to the other corners and afterwards, the curved, connecting web threads can be drawn free-hand.

3. On each of the mats, on the day of use, place some plastic spiders and, of course, the dishes on the mat - that's it!

Preparation time / effort: Per Mat

Great Halloween Party Invitations:


- Orange, or black, DIN A4 card

- White A4 insert paper

- Black or orange yarn

- Gray cardboard (for spider web)

- Sequin spiders in various colors and sizes

- Alphabet stickers (which which the word "Invitation" will be constructed), or pre-made "Invitation" stickers, or a 1.5cm high paper roll - on which the word "Invitation" is written - which can be unrolled and glued to the card.

- Optionally, various other sequins and stones, as well as Stickers, for decorations (possibly Halloween designs, such as: pumpkins or ghosts, etc.)


1. Fold the black, or orange, cardboard in half and thereby reduce it to A5 format. Take the white paper (write the name, place and time for the party - optionally printed out with a computer), fold, insert into the black card, and secure with tape (this is wrapped and tied around the two).

2. Cut out some 10x10xm gray cardboard squares and, using a black felt pen, draw a spider web on it. Finish the edges by either lightly indenting them or lightly cutting them away (so the square as slightly concave sides).

3. Mount the web on the front of the black card (centered; or, if you want, in a certain corner of the card) and put one or two sequin spiders into the web.

4. Above or below the web, stick the "Invitation" Sticker, or the paper rolls on which the invitation is written.

5. Mount the other decorative items, as you wish, on the front of the card.

Tip: The white sheets of paper can be, if desired, burned in some corners and ends with a lighter (This should be done by an adult !!!), which makes the invitation appear very authentically ancient!

Preparation time / effort: 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the decoration. This craft idea is also very well suited for children.

Stylish Halloween Pumpkin Chain:


- 3 large orange wooden beads (about 1.5 cm)

- 4 small orange wooden beads (about 0.8 cm)

- Many small black beads (seed beads)

- Black sequins

- Fishing line or nylon string (available in hardware stores in the crafts department)

- 1 chain lock with ring

- Waterproof/permanent black marker


1. The large and small orange beads on hand and take with the black felt pen per bead front and back 1x paint a pumpkin face on it. (Note, for the large beads are strung vertically and horizontally small!)

2. Cut the fishing line off at about 80cm and attach one end to the chain lock. Then, always put 24 black beads (rocalle beads), then a straw (so that the the small beads do not slip through the openings of the larger beads - notice the curvature of the sequins, all of which should rest on the ball) and thread a small orange pumpkin pearl. Then, again a straw, then 24 black pearls, and a straw again. Then, a small orange pumpkin pearl. Between the 2nd and 3rd small orange bead, place a Rocalle (this marks the middle). Then, another 12 black rocalle beads, a straw, a small orange pumpkin pearl, etc. Tie the end of the thread with the ring knot and glue it (this is done by heating the line well - this should only be entrusted to an adult!).

3. Three different strands of thread: 2 x 25 rocalle beads, sequins at the end of each one with a big orange pumpkin pearl or 1 x 30 rocalle beads, and at the end, a straw and a large orange pumpkin pearl. Mount all three strands to the orange center bead, and fix - done!

Tip: Instead of orange pumpkin beads, one can also use white beads, which have black ghosts painted onto them. Or threaded plastic beads which glow in the dark.

Preparation time / effort: 40 minutes to 1 hour per chain

In addition, there are also many other decorating ideas which are very well suited as quick and easy to implement (even together with your own children). For example, there are now numerous Window Color images, motifs, and colors can be related to Halloween. But the good old fuse beads (beads, from which many different motifs can be made using hot plates, and can be in melted together using an iron), which assist in various creative ideas, are still useful.

Delight yourself and your children with a variety of new, simple and creative crafts - you will not regret it!

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