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Dear Community, if you have enjoyed our Halloween site, we indeed hope that you will find our new project is also great! We are currently revising the website www.silvesterpfad.at (on-line path through the New Year's Eve!) New Year's Eve performances or New Year's Eve Events from all over Austria on one website! Also decorated with information about New Year's Eve and New Year, historical backgrounds, as well as tips for the new year!


November 3, 2007: That was Halloween 2007 :)
On the afternoon of 31.10.2007 we were already busily engaged in the most spectacular Halloween event to happen. With great interest, we decided to offer the DDSG Blue Danube and to spend the evening on the "ghost ship". With great anticipation we made our way to the Empire Bridge, where the ship is anchored. Once there, a large number of guests already waited expectantly, and sometimes creepily masked, to go on board to experience an extraordinary Halloween night. A bit disappointed not to be disguised, but have nonetheless made the right decision, we received a friendly greeting from the spider webs, carved pumpkin faces, Halloween and various utensils decorated DDSG and assigned to our table. After a short speech from the captain, the ship took off and the buffet was opened. Hungry, the first guests of the ship explored and the offered food almost sold out ... Spread buffet, pumpkin soup, pumpkin stew with dumplings, pork steak with pumpkin, ... We enjoyed excellent turkey medallions baked in a pumpkin shell and gorged our way through the wonderfully prepared & decorated buffet. Live music in the background and an excellent pumpkin pie as dessert rounded off the evening. The very friendly staff, always ready, entertained us with drinks and cocktails with names like "Bloody," "Blue Tarnisher",... After enjoying the delicious buffet the party atmosphere came slowly and the guests, and we, also enjoyed dancing to the rhythmic sounds of the live band. Tired, but excited by an exceptional evening, we we parted with our table neighbors with whom we had nice conversations and left the ship with happy thoughts, that we may soon again spend happy hours on the DDSG, as we had brought in experience, that every month several theme cruises such as in November, "Martini Goose", "Greek Night", "KIDS: Magic Clown Poppo", "Spanish Night" host, etc..

DDSG logo  

All year long theme cruises such as.:

    * The Voice Of Elvis Presley
    * Styrian delicacies
    * Viennese song ride
    * Cuban night
    * Greek Night
      and much more.

Link: DDSG-blue-danube.at
DDSG ship DDSG ship
Pumpkin DDSG couple

DDSG champagne DDSG costume

additional images:

DDSG drink Ship dining MS Admiral Tegetthoff
MS Admiral Tegetthoff MS Admiral Tegetthoff inside MS Prinz Eugen dining room


1st November 2007:

A magical Hello this morning - I hope all the "Trick or Treaters" survived the night well, were busy on the road and had a lot of fun!
We, from halloween.at, visited the celebration of Halloween DDSG last night - Halloween theme ride, and we enjoyed the live band as well as the Halloween treat:)
Again, a creepy thanks to our website visitors; yesterday 31 October 2007, we recorded 97 273 hits on halloween.at - well we did not quite reach 100 000, but its still a top result! Even though Halloween is over - halloween.at is always worth a visit! News, games and information all year round!

We would be pleased if you visited us in 2008, since then it's time once again - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



Hey friends horror, vampires and zombies - now it's time to start the scariest holiday of the year - HALLLLOOOOWEEEEN!

Dress up, decorated your home, and go look for some sweets; and then the kids' battle cry is heard "Sweet Treat, otherwise sour!"

halloween.at wishes you all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN


October 30, 2007: Only a few hours ...

Well, there are only a few hours until the 31st of October, 2007! And we can hardly wait! Tomorrow so many front pages will show pumpkins or Halloweenies; Halloween will even be discussed on TV and on the radio - its finally happening!
We hope that we'll sweeten the time until the 31st of October with our website, halloween.at (the big Halloween Platform in Austria)! With help from nice flash games, informative / historical theme for Halloween, contests, Halloween survey, exciting horror stories, recipes, movie reviews, etc., we have tried you closer to Halloween!
Our desire is to increase the popularity of Halloween in Austria, and would appreciate your help! Dress yourself, have fun and we wish you a Happy Halloween!

We want to thank our readers and avid horror and guestbook entry writers! With over 520 000 hits (on our website) have noticed over the last four weeks that our website, www.halloween.at, is certainly the most popular Halloween websites in the German-speaking area! Furthermore, we hope you like our cute and playful Internet phenomenon - sometimes something else in the big Web jungle!

Another big thank you to various media and private websites which link to our contact halloween.at; <a href="http://www.halloween.at/" Halloween.at target="_blank"> </ a>


October 28, 2007: intermediate results of our great Halloween Survey 2007,

we sincerely thank all users who have participated in our Halloween 2007 survey (if you have not yet participated, please click here - you can win a spa weekend !!!).
More than 500 friends have already gone through Halloween and it continues! Here you will find the interim.

Here you will find the intermediate result of our online Halloween survey 2007
(As of October 28, 2007 powered by online-umfragen.at)

Are you a man or a woman?
Answer in%
Which age group do you belong?

When is Halloween?
On the 31st October
On the 16th October
On the 31st October
On the 7th  November

What is Halloween for you?
Spirit expulsion
Opportunity to get to candy
Opportunity to scare people
Another carnival
A day like any other
Has no meaning for me


What is Halloween for you?
Spirit expulsion
Opportunity to get to candy
Opportunity to scare people
Another carnival
A day like any other
Has no meaning for me


How do you celebrate Halloween?
with friends
with the family
I do not celebrate
I watch a horror film 
I disguise myself and collect candy
I accompany a group of children
I will participate in an event
I am organizing a Halloween party 

Will you be attending a Halloween event?
Kids Party
Private Party
Local (Pub, Club, Disco ...)
Unfortunately, I don't know any

Is there candy collection in your area?
unfortunately not!
Do you disguise yourself for Halloween and if you would do it - what will you wear?
I am creative and create my own outfit!
I buy a costume
A little more make-up is enough for me ...
I'm still undecided?!?

Do you use Halloween decorations?
Yes, I decorate my home
Yes, my party must be scary!
Yes, my neighbors need to see that Halloween means much to me! 
Easter, Carnival, Christmas - we always decorate! 
No, I do not care!
I would like to, but it is too expensive for me!



Do you cook something special for Halloween?
Scary food is a part of my party! 
There's always something with pumpkins!
No, not really! 
Halloween is an occasion for me to go eat with my partner!



For what do you spend money on Halloween?
Craft supplies 
Party Items


Source: Halloween 2007 survey halloween.at - in collaboration with online-umfragen.at

The makers of Halloween.at - Traumportal Webdesign Wien.

Today, we would like to not only talk about Halloween, but also look a little behind the scenes, and report on our services! Besides the creation of websites, such as Halloween.at, and graphic design, we also provide interactive 360 degree panoramas:

New! 360 degree tours, interactive and virtual worlds - in flash!

You have beautiful large space and want more than just a simple picture of planes! Then you've come to the right place! We photograph your pub, restaurant, your wellness temple, etc., and form a virtual 360 degree panoramic view with the latest technology that allows you to put yourself into the scene! Interactive tours for your website! So you are not just a step ahead of your competitors, but offer your customers and internet guests an real panoramic view. Traumportal Logo
If you want more than just a static image - because interactivity is becoming more popular - then we will help you! With our interactive 360 degree views and 360 degree tours of your rooms or presentations will be accessible on the Internet ...
Link: www.traumportal.at

Tour church Tour wellness hotel

October 26, 2007: Sweepstakes, Ecards & Avatar Maker

Dear friends, today is a national holiday - just use a little time and join in our contests! A variety of nice prizes such as a spa weekend, DVDs, games, creepy pens, etc. can be won! Post a guestbook entry or Halloween story, or do our Halloween survey and improve your chances of winning! >> To the section!

or tinker with your own Halloween character and send them to friends or acquaintances with a nice Halloween greeting:

Halloween Avatar Maker:
Halloween avatar maker
something completely different, you always wanted to know how a princess looks with an eye patch, or a mummy with angel's head, or maybe something even screwier - then you have the possibility to create a Halloween spirit with our Halloween Avatar Maker (your creativity is needed)! First, choose/change the eyes, nose, mouth, hat and the ultimate costume -> your personal Halloween avatar is finished and now can send them as e-cards to your friends. Genuinely hilarious!


October 25, 2007: the Halloween pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin we would like to bring the art of "pumpkin carving" closer to you! In our section "The Halloween Pumpkin" you can find a variety of photos and examples, as well as informative you will find only here!


October 24, 2007:

Hi creepy friends, in just a few days it's time; ghosts and monsters wake up and demand victims. Give them plenty of candy to avoid a bad omen!
We, from halloween.at, already wish you a creepy party! Celebrate Halloween with the company of your loved ones, and you also try to intensify the popularity of Halloween in Austria or in the German speaking community!

Furthermore, we would like to introduce one of our partners - bilderhoster.at! Publish your images on the Internet for free Picture hoster... without registration! You do not have your own web space, but want to post your pictures on forums, display them on guest books or just send  a link to your friends? Then use our free service. Link: www.bilderhoster.at


18th October 2007: More Greeting Cards!

Halloween is approaching and you may wish to send a nice greeting card to your friends via halloween.at (completely free and easy!); simply find an Ecard on our Ecards category! Then select from our currently offered 24 cards, whether you want an animated card or a static card, compose your own text and send the e-card ;-)
Our greeting cards section has now been revised, so that we now have a variety of real Halloweeen pictures, should not you be a fan of cute illustrated greeting cards.

click here to send an Ecard

Pumpkin ecards


October 15, 2007:

Halloween poll 2007 - win a spa weekend for two people!
Halloween surveyTo more more about yourself and your Halloween, we have summoned the Halloween 2007 survey into life! How do you celebrate Halloween? With whom do you spend Halloween? What are you doing? etc.
Please join in the poll! As a special Halloween treat, a spa weekend for you + escort in Green Mark (3 days, 2 people, including a half-board and spa admission) - sponsored by Traumportal Webdesign Wien!

Click here to go to the poll: >> start Halloween Survey!


October 12, 200Pumpkin ship7:
Halloween Party on the 31st of October, 2007
Hi Pirates and Party friends, we have found something very special on the net! The DDSG - Blue Danube, on the 31st of October (Halloween), is a very great offer for you!
Get ready for a ghost ship in the dark of night with scary fun and cobwebs! Scary and funny masks and scary carved pumpkin heads to accompany you through the evening while you encounter feasting spirits at the buffet.

Halloween Party - Price includes: cruise, buffet and live music, €34 per person

Link: ddsg-blue-danube.at

Halloween Party - Buffet on the 31st of October, 2007, on board the Blue Danube DDSG

Spread Buffet:

Curd spread, cheese spread, sliced and diced things
Garlic greave lard
Plenty of pastries


Seasonal salad


Pumpkin Soup

Main dishes:

Pumpkin stew with dumplings
Pork loin steak with pumpkin, onion, potato
Turkey medallions baked in a pumpkin shell
Vegetable Rice


Beef potpie with Pumpkin
Pumpkin Cake
(Pumpkin pie)

All year long theme cruises such as.:

    * The Voice Of Elvis Presley
    * Styrian delicacies
    * Viennese songs ride
    * Cuban night
    * Greek Night
      and much more.

Link: ddsg-blue-danube.at


October 11, 2007:
Bogi park
Bogi parkJust now, we have learned that there is a great children's party on the 31st of October in Vienna Bogi Park; a must for every child! In the largest Indoor playground Austria, its on Halloween on the 31st of October. In the Space-Chemistry Show, it smokes and smokes like crazy. The terrifying games are also frighteningly beautiful. And whoever comes to the Bogi Park dressed in Halloween costume can also win. The "terrible" ghosts & witches will be awarded.


As a special raffle of Bogi Park and Halloween.at, Delivering 10 day passes for children in the month of December 2007 >> to the lottery.

October 10, 2007:

Hello Halloween party goers! Slowly, the events concerning Halloween - 31st of October, 2007 - are online; help us, we rummage for great Halloween parties, send us your event proposal! Or write your local pub a message that you may send us the program - Please send tips to party@halloween.at

October 9, 2007:
Frankenstein mask
Only a few days before Halloween, we all have our Halloween masks - the section is finally finished! In search of great Partygags, we have encountered a number of different masks, as well as other creepy things! Click on our mask to go to the section! Maybe there is something suitable for you there!

However, we would like to stress, once again, a scary Halloween mask or something nice and is certainly a great welcoming gag for every party - Kids still pay attention to your wallet - and look at the market, or just the Web, for great and interesting offers, too!


October 8, 2007:

Creepy friends, watch out! So that your top shape for your Halloween gear stays, we have a special treat for you! The Viennese lifestyle Palace is giving away a monthly pass, simply answer the question, and you're in the lottery - for the competition (click here).
Lifestyle palace logo

The offer

• 2750 m² total area

• 1400 m² fitness with advanced exercise equipment
• more than 50 cardiovascular devices
• over 80 strength training machines
• air-conditioned training rooms
• Indoor running track
and much more.

Link: www.lifestyle-palace.com

Lifestyle palace Lifestyle palace fitness
Mice in space
4th October 2007:
Hello, greeting card friends! We, once again, extend our Ecard section, and added some great greeting cards! Send your friends a nice greeting card at Halloween time, what you waiting for - send your message today:)

October 2
james bond 007 dvd, 2007:
help you wait until 31 October, we have a special treat for you, OO7 - IN THRILLING MISSIONS! FOX released 20 Bond cult films as a Single Edition - DIGITALY REMASTERED. And we have a great movie raffle, and these in our competition section. All of you who left us a nice horror story, automatically take part in the raffle of halloween.at prizes, such as this digitally restored DVD. [... Click here]


October 1, 2007:

Halloween is coming, in just one months time! Over the weekend, we could increase our website a bit, but we are still far from finished! In a few days we will launch an online Halloween survey - so you have the chance to learn more about the Halloween preferences of the Austrians, Germans, or Swiss. How many dress up, or only buy sweets etc.!

There is a new section, Trick or Treat - ... if this battle cry comes from the mouths of creepy, costumed children on the 31st of October, which asks for sweet treats from the neighborhood, all is clear, it is Halloween! If you want to know more about the "battle cry" - click yourself in!

In our events section you will find a few street festivals from Vienna! Halloween events on the Viennese shopping streets (click here).


September 29, 2007:

Halloween pumpkinsBeautiful weather, sun in the sky - no clouds. We can use the time and train a bit to be a "Halloween pumpkin-master".
Today we want to make the first steps to pull up a pumpkin and carve in a Halloween face! Please anticipate with an adult nearby to assist you in shaping the face / visage so nothing happens to you!
Read here about how you can transform a standard pumpkin into a great Halloween pumpkin [... read more].

Sims 2 Contest
The Sims 2 playstation

28th September 2007:

To fit our Halloween Avatar Maker (make your personal Halloween horror figure and send it to your friends as a greeting card), we have found a nice family friendly games, which allows changes in certain things, and its The SIMS 2 - PETS ...
And you can win this game, but just write a nice horror story, and you're automatically entered into the draw!

Share your fantasies with other friends and submit a nice horror story ... With just a few lines you're here and you have the chance to win nice prices! Currently, we are giving away video games, as well as feature film Goodies & DVDs - more prizes to come; your halloween.at team!


September 27, 2007:

Today is truly cinema or film weather! The majority of the Austrian provinces have been hit by clouds and rain. So you leave the house to recover from the warmth of the apartment - for it has gotten really cold ...
Thus, much falls flat, and leaves only a few options - one would clean the apartment until it sparkles, or the more pleasant option: go to the cinema or video store to browse our own collection for nice movie horror movies! We took some time and compiled a few tips:

in the cinema:

Daywatch - Guardian of the day (please pay attention to age restrictions).
Synopsis: In Moscow, the year 2007, good and dark forces, who have been fighting against each other for thousands of years, meet: no humans - only the others, armed with supernatural powers ... The hero of the series, Anton Gorodestky - the other of the light device - is suddenly under attack, as a mysterious murder puts the balance between light and darkness on the line, and threatens to destroy it permanently. For he has no alibi ... The darkness will triumph! Will Anton succeed to avert the doom?


Buffy - the Vampire Slayer (Season 1 - please pay attention to age restrictions).
Buffy Summers - vampire hunter and high school student - transfers to the high school of Sunnydale. But even there they can not escape their fate, for Sunnydale proves to be a gateway to the Abyss, which is exactly the right place for a vampire-hunter - but Buffy is still undecided!

TV - SERIES: ORF 1 - 16:35

Paige (one of the magical witches) is once again in the fight against demons. Phoebe (her sister) is still without magical powers and Piper (other sister) currently dwells in the magic school. To provide some relaxation Paige conjures a dream man. What they still do not know is that by conjuring the dream man, another demon is also conjured.


September 27, 2007:

The small shopping spree! This morning we tried our luck and visited a shopping center, hoping to spot a few Halloween items - and there were plenty!
In the supermarket were straw bales built with straw figures and pumpkins and in the stationary there already were great decorations for the Halloween time: little witches, wax candles in the shape of gourds, clay or Porcelain candles in pumpkin optics, hang-ups and more. We made a few snapshots for you, see for yourself.

Halloween pumpkin Halloween pumpkin Halloween pumpkin Halloween pumpkin

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