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Halloween Recipes and Drinks

Cool drinks and cocktails may NOT be absent at your Halloween party!

Here are a few bloody drinks - if you have some nice recipes, send those to us, too! Alcohol may not be served to young people! 18+! Children and young people - it can also be a non-alcoholic cocktail!

@ All - no matter how good a cocktail tastes, always consider that the eye also drinks with you. A beautiful and crystal clear cocktail glass, garnished with pretty creepy fruit, tastes a lot better!

An extract of red classics - dangerously garnished - a hit at any Halloween event.

- Bloody Mary (the sorcerer cocktail):

2cl vodka, 6oz tomato juice, 2cl lemon juice, a pinch of salt and pepper, 1 dash of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce.

Place all ingredients in a cocktail mixer and a large glass container, mix well, and serve chilled!

- Bloody Virgin (the bloody drink):

8cl tomato juice, 6cl rum, 2cl lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper.

Stir well in a glass, maybe add some ice cubes, and serve chilled!

- Strawberry Daiquiri (evil strawberries come to life):

3cl rum, 2cl Triple Sec, 2cl lime juice, 2cl sugar syrup, 2cl Grenadine, fresh strawberries, strawberry juice (pureed strawberries) and Smarties.

The tip from the webmaster! Looks good, tastes good, a wonderful cocktail for ladies and gentlemen - the Halloween.at version! Mix the above ingredients in a blender or, if by hand, add ice cubes or crushed ice!

But be careful - many a mixer is made of glass and if you use ice cubes, it is possible that the force of impact of the high speed ice cubes can cause the glass to jump.

There should now be a creamy, strawberry puree-like liquid:) pour this into a beautiful glass! At long last, you take a strawberry and put in Smarties in the form of a Halloween face. You may now taste your drink.

- Halloween Bowl (Addams Familiy punch bowl):

1-2 liters of cherry juice, 1 bottle of soda water or tonic water, and 1 can of lychees.

Put everything in a bowl and stir vigorously, and you will get a bloody Halloween punch. The lychees look like eyes ;-)

- Halloween Gummi-bowls (the eye bowls):

Cut fruit into small pieces (or use berries), add 1 bottle of pear or diluted elderflower juice, 1-2 bottles of soda water and 1-2 packets of sweets (for Halloween, we have gummi products in scary shapes - eyes, brains, fingers, etc.).

Mix all of the ingredients together, add a few ice cubes; the warlock gets a special bowl.

For Halloween - scary recipes can can allow your ideas and creativity to run freely. Many everyday things can be quickly and easily turned into an eerily beautiful Halloween - scary food for children. Ideal for a Halloween Party! But, before you start experimenting like crazy in the kitchen, we offer a little guidance, and sources of inspiration, to develop your own ideas - the 5 basic questions about the food plan that should be asked:

What foods and drinks look disgusting and abhorrent, but are still fit for eating without problems? OR What foods and beverages can be made to look disgusting, but with little effort? Which foods and beverages can meet the above criterion, quickly, simply and easily, and be a tasty combination? What foods that meet the above criteria, can be shaped in what manner/fashion? What foods that meet the above criteria are available here for purchase? Are the foods that are now on your list, actually edible? Will it, in this combination, taste good to the children, too?

Should you, perhaps, not have enough time and creative genius to independently come up with Party meals for the children and friends, then click through some of our suggestions and ideas - you will certainly find something suitable!

Category: FOOD

1. Snacks and food for Halloween - Decoration

Olives, filled with peppers or almonds

In almost all supermarkets, there are inexpensive olives available, which are particularly well suited for scary monster eyes. Skillfully placed on rolls or spicy snacks, they make themselves very tasty, and their tastes are individually combined!

Shrimp, pickled herring (also, make sure that children eat this, too!)

Besides the fact that shrimp look quite strange, while eating, they also crack very loudly in the mouth. Shrimp can be served, well, as "insect legs" or "zombie fingers".

The pickled herring - or "chopped Zombie guts" - looks very disgusting. This is available in every supermarket in tins and glass containers!

Lychees or large peeled grapes

Lychees, an exotic fruit which originated in South China, are very useful as a snack dish, or a side dish, for Halloween parties. Due to the fact that, in a peeled state, the fruit looks not only gruesome, but also very slimy, and you can do many different things with them (put cherries, grapes, etc. into the core, gelatin worms or other things can hang out, or they can be stained with various food colors). They are now almost a "must have" in Halloween foods! They are also very healthy, rich in vitamins A, B2 and C!

If you have no lychees at home, or the supermarket around the corner is simply not selling any, then you can substitute them with large grapes. They feel just as slimy in their peeled state, however, the peeling is a very lengthy process, for which you should probably schedule a little more time! rambutan can be used, but one probably rarely finds this on the market.


Dates are now been available all year in major supermarkets. They taste very sweet and are well suited as a small Halloween Snack - "dried larvae".

Currants, gooseberries, blueberries and other small berries:

These can also be served as a snack or as the garnish on a cake. Currants, gooseberries, etc. can very well be passed off as eggs of insects (lice, fleas, bees, etc). Blueberries make a tongue magnificently blue!

Licorice and a sweet Halloween mix

The sweets section in the supermarkets are now greater than ever. And the international market respond to the increasing popularity of Halloween parties. Take the time to head into a nearby supermarket once before Halloween, where you will certainly hit paydirt.

Haribo sells not only gummy bears, also horrible crawling creatures, gelatin ghosts and monsters from hell, and white (or colored) gelatin mice. The manufacturer Trolli even has gelatin vampire fangs and creepy eyes in their range of products! And the chocolate does not come short: even various chocolate manufacturers are already creating eerie Halloween designs!

In addition, licorice is very qualified as a variety of "worms and creapy animals". Its available on the market in many different colors and shapes!

Chips and Soletti:

In addition to the chips sold in supermarkets (monster, ghosts forms etc) you can optionally also provide Soletti or various nuts to munch on. Of course, the children should make it clear that they are eating insect feet or roasted crawling creatures.


Marzipan is a versatile, malleable, and colored decorative element that a cake should never lack! For example, great Halloween monsters, skulls, or spiders, and other animals, as well as fruit (pumpkins), and flowers can be formed from marzipan and decorate each table or cake. Varies depending on skill!

Brown and colored sprinkles, grated chocolate, sugar beads, sugar writing and coconut

From the said things that are incidentally found in any good bakery department, you can do many things. For example, crumbs are used as "dandruff", "lice" or "dried earwax" in or on desserts and cakes. The sugar magazine provides a targeted array of words or spooky Halloween drawings (monsters, pumpkins, skulls, etc) on pies and cakes and coconut cookies and biscuits, giving them a furry or scaly appearance.

Food coloring:

Food color is a must for Halloween! It allows the staining of various dishes, which instantly adds a bit of an eerie and disgusting look. With careful use, wonderful effects can be achieved! If you want do without this then, as an alternative, you can use juices and syrup or chocolate sauce, ketchup, curry, pesto, sour/whipped cream, etc.

Cotton candy and marshmallows

Both of these are necessary in a children's beloved sugar wonderland, and are also very good decorations. For example, marshmallows can have monster, ghost, and skull shapes. Furthermore, on the market, there are also ready-made marshmallow mice. Cotton candy is an excellent imitation of cobwebs on pies and the like.


The well-known chestnut pleases both children and adults with their hearty and distinctive taste. Kids love Maroni, for they not only taste great, but also provide a little warmth in cold seasons. One simply peels some Maroni (carefully, so that they do not break or crumble away in your hands), so the children can eat them at Halloween as "rat brains".

2. Main Dishes


These very popular, especially among children, and versatile noodle dishes are very popular at Halloween and in various forms. They are quick to prepare, lay down, or color using food coloring (by preference; Curry-yellow, pesto-green or with ketchup-red). Especially on Halloween, they are good and gladly eaten as "worms" served with pus (Carbonara sauce), blood (tomato sauce) or cursed viscera (Bolognese sauce).


Even with this type of pasta, many horror-meals can be easily and quickly prepared, which are gladly eaten by children. Macaroni served with cheese sauce as purulent bowels or macaroni with tomato sauce as a bloody entrails.


With the right sauce, they are excellent as a monster hair or slimy snakes - cursed with blood / pus etc.

Frankfurter and toast

Both Frankfurter sausages, as well as toast, are not only two of the most popular children's foods, but they can also be used as Halloween meals in many ways.

For example, "Toast with worms": Boiled, skinned Frankfurter sausages, and cut into thin longitudinal strips. This gives them the appearance of small, flesh-colored worms. The "worms", combined with a bit of ketchup (blood) and mayonnaise ("pus"), are put on slices of toast or bread. If necessary, you can also have a bit of onion, green cabbage or radicchio on the rolls, which makes the whole thing more authentic. Optionally, a "Monster Eye" - a red pepper with olive or almond put into it.

Or just sausages: You can let your creativity run wild and serve the sausages as a zombie finger (with almonds as fingernails) or guts (in a lot of blood=ketchup and pus=mayonnaise).

Cut meat with mashed potatoes and spinach:

With a bit of craft, quickly and easily use cut meats to form zombie feet or hands (with onion or bell pepper pieces as nails on the toes or fingers, and push in a piece of onion to make the site of the amputation) and then roast it in the oven. In addition to this, serve a puree (mucus and ear wax), spinach (mold) and red beets ("pureed guts").

3. Desserts

Pumpkin Pie

Design your own cake recipes quickly and simply, just by giving them a new look!


- Ingredients of a round cake of your choice (especially well suited: marble cake, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, etc)

- Orange cake topping

- Colored sugar icing inscription (preferably is black)

- Green napkins or green crepe paper


1. Bake the cake according to your special recipe, in the form of a ring, and then let cool.

2. Turn the cake over and remove it from the mould. Then, coat the ring cake generously with the orange frosting and let dry.

3. Then take the sugar icing and write "Halloween Pumpkin Pie" and draw a scary pumpkin face on it.

4. Once everything has dried, take some green napkins, or optionally green crepe paper, and put in the top of the hole of the cake - thus, the cake gets leaves.

Optionally, create spirits (white cover)!

Preparation time: varies according to cake recipe from 45 min to several hours. The coating and decor require at most 15min.

Pudding and Jello:

Pudding is a very popular and versatile dessert. Besides the two common flavors chocolate and vanilla, which can pass off as "pus" or "sludge/mud", it can also be any other color. Also, Jello is available in supermarkets for very cheap. This has the advantage that it is clear and we can therefore stick many different, gruesome Halloween things (plastic eyes, spiders, etc., or Gummi Bears with Halloween motifs) inside.


- Make some pudding (commercially available)

- Miscellaneous plastic Halloween motifs


1. Prepare the pudding according to the label on the package.

2. Before the pudding is poured into the muffin cups, distribute plastic utensils to the muffin cups, and then pour the pudding and cool.

3. Serve the pudding with raspberry sauce (blood) or chocolate sauce (mucus). (perhaps let the kids know about the Halloween figures, no one wants anything to be swallowed)

Preparation time: Between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the pack of pudding powder (plus time for the cooling)

Semolina casserole or rice pudding:

Rice pudding and semolina casserole are eaten by almost all children! The sweet rice meal (or dessert) can be served with raisins, cocoa, etc and are well suited as an "overcooked maggot dish". Alternatively, you can also make semolina casserole with raisins ("sizzling maggots in pus balls").

Ice-cold or lifeless hand:


- Gloves made of plastic (several of these)

- Either water (can also be dyed with juice or food coloring)

or pudding mix (can be dyed if necessary)


With water: Fill the plastic gloves with (dyed) water and firmly seal the top. Then, place all the filled gloves in the freezer until the water is completely frozen. Afterwards, remove the gloves and carefully cut them open - what remains is (colored) frozen, ice-cold hands, which can be used to cool a drink or for decorative purposes.

With Pudding: Cook the pudding according to package directions (if necessary, add a little food coloring) and then fill the plastic gloves (also ensuring that they have the no air pockets). Then tie up the gloves and leave them in the refrigerator for some time, until the mixture has cooled. Then, take the gloves from the refrigerator and carefully cut them open with scissors - what remains are lifeless hands, which can be served (and eaten) either with raspberry sauce, chocolate sauce, etc.

Preparation time: With water, maximum 5 minutes per glove (one night for freezing). Depending on the Pudding, 20-45 minutes per box (plus some time to chill the pudding)

Disgusting pile of dog turd, or rabies foam:


- Mousse au Chocolat (Chocolate Foam; commercially available as a mixture),

or alternatively, Stracciatella Mousse

- 1 icing bag with a large spout


1. The "Mousse au Chocolat" cream (or stracciatella cream). Prepare as described in the package, but can not be very stiff. Then, fill the entire mixture into an icing bag and then squeeze it to extrude the contents onto several small plates or bowls in the form of dog poop (or "rabies foam"). Afterwards, the heap can be chilled and served with sprinkles or raspberry syrup (blood) etc.!

Preparation time: Depending on the Mousse mix, with a maximum cooling time of 60 minutes.


Juices to be served with the meals.

With the juices, its generally a matter of HOW they are served and what name you give them. It is, in fact, not very obvious which juices can be made into which scary drink. Therefore, one has a free choice regarding the beverages.

Dark juices - "blood"

All existing, dark red juices, such as dark berry juices, ice tea or dark multivitamin juice. Optionally, tea is also possible.

Cola with orange juice - "Zombie Phlegm"

Tastes like a fizzy soft drink, but looks much more disgusting!

Decorations for Halloween Juices:

Halloween decoration suitable for juices: ice cubes (see ice-cold hands), fruit, or a variety of sweets such as Halloween style gummi snacks (snakes, frogs, monsters, eyes, etc). If gummi bears are left to sit in water for just long enough, they become very large, disgusting, and really slippery!

If you have another great recipe, then send an email to: info@halloween.at

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