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Candy Corn

Candy Corn

To address the particularities of the Halloween festival here, we present the so-called "Candy Corn". These candy corns are almost unknown in Europe, but are popularly enjoyed in North America. If you type the name Candy Corn into various search engines, without any prior knowledge of the name Candy Corn, you will likely ask, what does such a name have to do with Halloween at all. The name Candy Corn sounds anything but scary …

So what is this mysterious candy corn to us Europeans? Candy Corn has the shape of a grain of corn (hence the name corn) and have the exact color combination of orange-yellow. Only the real candy corn have the color combination, starting at the top, of white-orange-yellow. Do not mistake anything other than the original as candy corns. Fortunately, Candy Corn is made mostly of very sweet corn, and therefore is a sugar-free candy for children, who love them. A special mention that Candy Corns are only specially made for Halloween. One weighs about 1.2 grams, so they are similar to a kernel of corn; not particularly large.

But just is are Candy Corn made from corn and not other ingredients, such as sugar? The reason is mostly likely that, in America, corn has a special meaning. And especially on Halloween, which we all know most likely originated from the Celtic festival "Samhain" and coincides with the time-derived and traditional American Thanksgiving, edible corn is particularly important.

Annually, several million kilos of Candy Corn is produced for Halloween. It is becoming more popular because, due to the limited production, it can be sold as a kind of delicacy.

The many costumed children, which wander from door to door on Halloween to collect a small candy, of course, also contribute to the increase in the Candy Corn production. Who wants to be left empty-handed with all the children begging at their front door. Furthermore, one might also want avoid finding toothpaste on the door handle, and prefers to give up a few pieces of candy corn.

The increasingly cult candy corn is naturally consumed by adults with the greatest joy. There are even specific methods developed, about how these little candy corns best enjoyed. For instance, only a single grain is placed in the mouth in order to exactly taste the individual zones (white-orange-yellow!). However, a quantitatively greater amount leads to an unforgettable dining experience. In this method, several candy corns are placed in the mouth, chewed to a kind of porridge, and consequently enjoyed.

The taste itself can be described as difficult, as a candy corn is a kind of potpourri of different flavors. Most connoisseurs of candy corn describe a sweet, slightly bitter flavor with a hint of vanilla.

In the meantime, candy corn is already so popularly enjoyed that similar products are already produced at other festivals. Thus, there is already a "Cupid Corn" (for Valentine's Day, with the colors white-pink-red), "Reindeer Corn" (for Christmas, with the colors white-green-red), and "Bunny Corn" (for Easter, with the color white and some other rainbow colors) on the market.

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