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Um auch etwas für unsere Halloweenfreunde aus dem Ausland zu bieten, haben wir uns erlaubt den Urpsrung von Halloween ins Englische zu übersetzen!

The History of Halloween, the mythos - the origin - the legend of Jack O`Lantern - where children run from house to house with the battle call "trick or treat" to get some sweets from their neighbours.Fliege

The origin:
Halloween, a festival which is rooted in Ireland can be traced back to druidic ceremonials.
The beginning of the celtic year, on the 1st of November was celebrated the god of death which was Halloween Augencalled "Samhain" (we would like to mention that the celtics adored two different gods, the "Samhain" (god of death) as well as the god of sun.)
The reason of the festival Samhain was to celebrate that decedents souls of the previous year, who died before 31 of October return home. Not only familiy members reverted by this custom; big fire were burned to exorcize the ghosts of death, bad demons and witches. Furthermore celtics were masqueraded with fur and bonce of animals to scare the ghosts!
With help of small alms, which were assempled, they tried to calm ghosts and bring them a gift. Years later celtics began to cut and carve pumpkins, to fool bad powers, that there is still living a damned soul; as a result hocused ghosts should pushed along!
Why is there still the tradition of Halloween?
In the 9. century anno domini celtics where subordinate by the Latin legions and in spite of enourmos protests this old custom was retained. The acting pontifex decided to make this custom to a Catholic one and ordered to celebrate the day of the Saints on 1st of November! We all know this festival called "All Hallows". Over the years the evening before All Hallows "All Hallows evening" changed to "Halloween".

Where comes the tradition from to carve pumpkins and put a candle in?
In the 19. century, about 1850 thousands of the Irish moved to America to find a new home, work as well as subsistence. When moving they also take there custom "Halloween" to their new homeland; as a result that there were no beetroots in America available, people took pumpkins as a repFledermauslacement, which was served  as "Jack O´Lantern" until today!

Halloween today:
From year to year Halloween will be celebrated more and more in the Middle of Europe, indeed without any spirit background, however there are some similarities. Children are masquerate as ghosts or monsters and move from house to house with their Pumpkin Lanterns to ask for alms in form of sweets! 

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