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Make-Up Tips

Make-Up Tips

Make-up tips for a spooky Halloween night!

For a very scary witch, you will need:

- A plastic spider

- Pale makeup for the face

- A Black cloak

- A brush

- A black eyebrow pencil

- Silver Hair Spray (you can get this in a toy store)

- Dark brown eye shadow

- White correction pen

Here's how:

First, the pale make-up is well distributed on the face with a finger tip. Thereafter, the black lipstick, which is a black eyebrow pencil, is applied to the lips and the lips are furnished with a white correction pen. In addition, a black dot is painted on the left nostril. To emphasize the eyes, using the eyebrow pencil, they are hatched with cornered contours. Then, to add emphasis to the black contours, use the white correction pen. The eye areas are accentuated with the dark brown eye shadow.

Finally, the hair is curled with a back-combing comb and sprayed with a silver hair spray as a highlight. Add a spider to her hair and a silver cape and the Halloween witch is finished.

I wish you much fun and good luck with designing the creepy witch

[Submitted by Sophie D. from Engelhartstetten, Lower Austria]

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