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Window Color

Window Color

What is Window Color?

When we go from house to house during Halloween, and find there beautiful drawings on the windows of the houses, we are looking at Window Color. Painting with transparent paint is called Window Color. With this "technology", you have the possibility to turn your boring, not so pretty window into an EyeCatcher! Using Window Color paint, you can transform flat surfaces into works of art! First, an image is drawn (usually on a template), and later, they dry in a safe place so that your brothers or your pet don't destroy them. The wet paint can adhere quite strongly, so be warned. Then, the painted motifs (Halloween motifs) are pulled off the foil and glued to a smooth surface, preferably a window. Depending on the light, your motives sometimes shine more, sometimes less! Many also glow in the dark.

Where can I get Window Color, and how do I transform my window into a work of art?

Window Color, also known as WiCo, can be obtained in the well stocked, paper stores, large supermarkets, and some discount stores.

WiCo is not expensive. For a few Euros, you are in fun for all ages.

Painting with Window Color is actually quite easy, this is the reason why it is so popular with children. You will need your Window Color set and a smooth film. From time to time, this WiCo package includes a transparent film. This is great because it makes tracing a stencil child's play.

Now you have your job - preparing a painting station. A Halloween WiCo artist has not only his or her ideas and the best equipment, but also pays attention to cleanliness. So you that or your parents do not have to eliminate your mess, prepare a paper towel or a newspaper to protect the table. A small bowl with water and a cloth is helpful, so that you can remove the unwanted splash marks.

Paint Your Halloween Art Work with WiCo:

Put your notebook in or under your free, transparent, Notebook Saver (preferably A4, 21x29.7cm) flap, thus doubling it in size, and put your Coloring template underneath.

Now, with your WiCo paint or contour paint, you may begin to trace the contours of your Halloween Template! Here, you use the black color, as this is the most optimal for contrast. Now, wait 1 day (24 hours) so that the paint has time to dry, and you begin to paint interior regions, or certain parts, of your drawing. If you mess up then do not lose your nerves, simply wipe the mess with a damp cloth!

When you have finished your Halloween work of art, let it dry for at least an hour in a horizontal position so that the colors do not run!

Now, with glass cleaner in hand, you clean the window so that it is free from any grease or fingerprints; slowly, pull your WiCo off and gently glue it onto your window. And - Hurrah! - You're done!

So, let's summarize. You need no painting talent to conjure up creations for a nice Halloween window. Using Window Color, in a simple and cheap way, you can remodel so many many old windows! You need a transparent notebook protector, WiCo (window color), and a little time.

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