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... If, on the 31st of October, this battle cry, which ask for sweet treats from the neighborhood, comes from the mouths of children in spooky costumes, all is clear, it is Halloween! Quickly, the treats are completely bought out by the neighborhood not to disappoint children and possibly to have to endure a joke. On the shopping streets, the cheeky grin of various illuminated pumpkin faces can be seen from the business premises, and also so many private windows decorated with a little Halloween Monsters, which stare at you with big eyes.

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This is custom, which is regarded as a "must go" and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy, especially in the United States, is also already partly carried out in Europe. In the German speaking area: "Süßes sonst gibt’s Saures" (Equivalent: "Trick or Treat"). In America, pranks are practiced and eggs are thrown onto the doors of people, from whom one was dismissed without the expected candy. Unfortunately, the amount of property damage is increasing, which is due to some peoples' unwillingness to donate, which triggers negative feedback, especially from teenagers and degenerates, such as various malicious damage. Apparently, on that night, the number of crimes also increases, since many crowds of costumed people move from house to house, an offender goes undetected.

Overall, it is a nice custom for adolescents and adults to celebrate in various localities,  contribute to the general amusement of the party society with pranks, and sweeten the evening with various treats. Not least, the market especially benefits from selling Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations and a variety of popular candy.

Nevertheless, we now wonder who had this idea and how this custom came to be. We also have the answer for this question:

Trick or Treat is based on the fundamentals of the festival Samhain, which is of Celtic origin, and comes from Ireland. On the 31st of October, the people celebrate the end of summer and the return of the souls of dead people. Goodies and gifts are supplied to honour and appease the spirits of the dead. Some poor, hungry citizens took advantage of this custom by dressing up as ghosts to take advantage of these gifts and sacrifices. Once this was noticed, some slightly wealthier compatriots offered additional food (dumb supper) for the poorer people to be sure that the spirits and souls got their gifts to discourage visits to the home and yard to do damage.
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