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Halloween Masks

Halloween Masks

Halloween masks, Halloween makeup, fake blood, and many other goodies for your Halloween party!

We picked out a couple creepy, gruesome and funny masks. Many of these masks look really scary - so kids, better look away!

For the record, we would like to mentioned that you're not necessarily obligated to buy a mask or a costume to be welcome at a Halloween party! It is crucial that people come together and have fun!

How can I dress up with simple means? What can I find on a budget?

Just like at a Carnival, you can already achieve a lot with make-up! Maybe you have clothes that you no longer wear or no longer want; tear them up and redesign them. Painting or spraying, anything goes! Try to conjure a witty and original costume, and have already achieved a lot!

With aluminum foil, adhesive rolls, ribbons and cords, you can get it done; and you can go to your Halloween party with a top style!

Do you have little time, or want it done a little more professionally? You'll find a selection of scary Halloween masks, and there might be a nice tip for you there!

-the Frankenstein mask, or the classics at the Halloween Costume Party!

-the evil clown - which probably leads to?

-Scary mask

-the Beagle Boys style, fresh out of prison; He romps around on your holidays!

-the eye mask, 30 eyes will see only more ;-)

-the kissing woman mask

-the corpulent man

-the scary mask

Frankenstein Maske



der Panzerknacker


küssende Frau


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