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Halloween Menu

Halloween Menu

The last meal / Halloween Menu

Here you can find a nice selection of interesting Halloween interpretations, from Count Dracula's finger to the pureed Zombie soup - I hope you like our little culinary choices .. Bon Appetit! Your halloween.at team!


Count Dracula's Finger soup -> tomato soup with noodles

castoff vampire Prosciutto -> Prosciutto with delicately sliced tomato

All kinds of bloody -> assorted appetizers from the salad bar

Chef's tongue -> cow tongue, fine cut

Main courses:

witch noodles, floating in blood -> pasta with meat sauce

Filet à la From Dusk till Dawn -> steak

burning Hauspirania -> smoked mackerel

tortured messenger boy, baked with cheese -> baked potato

Side orders:

red devil sauce with ground bone -> pepper sauce with peppercorns

severed finger -> green beans (vegetables)

mashed Zombies -> potatoes


shrunken brain, coated with sugar -> Maroni pieces, glazed with icing

gelatinized skin with blood drops -> Panna Cotta with Raspberries

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